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How to Market for Portrait Photographers | Sue Bryce

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I’ve worked in a Portrait Studio for 26 years. The first 12 years we were Wedding and Portrait. It always amazed me that people called us for wedding bookings but we called them for portrait bookings. This I feel is where photographers often get mixed up. Wedding photography is Event based marketing example: Are you available, are you in my price range do we connect. But Portrait Photography is not an event its one of those things that all people want but never get around to do it. Usually it’s Mom saying can we have a family portrait trying desperately to herd everyone together for a bad photo.  Lets face it she has been doing that since you were babies. You have a product that everyone wants they just don’t know it.

Since there is no life event around updating your portrait our clients get confused about when to do it and why spend the money. So your job as a Portrait maker is to market to the WHY? do I need this. The target there for me has always been Mom. Obviously I specialize in a Glamour Beauty genre so my marketing has always been to the ‘Girls Day Out’ or the classic beauty brand message that all Women know “Because you are worth it” or the “Have you ever wanted to look and feel like the Models in magazines” The Mom marketing sell has always been easy for me as we are photographers and we stop time. “You are someone that I love I want to capture you for all time”

Remember first find the WHY, not in what you do . .  but in WHY your clients want you and need you. Then speak to them through those needs. Marketing is not about getting noticed it’s about giving service. Too many photographers are marketing on price and competition instead of value and at the end of the day the person paying needs to be excited, educated and then treated with exceptional service.  Then they will tell 10 friends and you will be in business. In business you need to take a step back from your website and see it like someone who does not know ANYTHING about our industry. Ask yourself these questions Does my website accurately and clearly portray what I do and what I sell? You would be surprised how many do not.  What is the need my clients have? What is stopping them from getting this need met? Do I value what I do and what I sell?

Every time I see photographers with hurdles it’s alway about ‘Putting themselves out there’ that is not marketing that is personal confidence you need to develop into your own power in this area if you are struggling here. The best marketers i’ve seen are natural connectors, but do not be discouraged as connection is something that can be learned enthusiasm connects more people than BS or slick snake oil sales pitches. Even an introvert becomes an extrovert when they talk about what they love. Be open, learn to promote yourself with your enthusiasm for what you create and focus on giving service not getting paid you’ll be amazed at how that flips over night
– Sue Bryce

What’s Keeping You Alive Right Now? | Kristen Kalp

Kristen Kalp
What’s keeping you alive right now?

Mike asked me to write about what gets me out of bed in the morning, but I think the far more interesting and deeper question is: what’s keeping me alive right now?

The answer? My life’s purpose.

The uncompleted projects, the half-met objectives, the goals I’m striving to attain. I came across the following five questions in a TED talk, and they’re actually quite brilliant when it comes to clarifying why you’re on this planet. So let’s talk life purpose — your life purpose.

Here we go:

  • Who are you?
  • Who do you serve?
  • What methods do you use to serve them?
  • What do you help people do?
  • And why are they better for it?

In the answers to those questions lie your life’s purpose, as it stands right now. In this moment. Maybe it will change size or scope. Maybe its proportions will shrink or grow. But for right now, this is it. Let’s tackle these questions together. I’ll even share my answers along the way. 😉

Who are you?

As in, what is your name? You’ve got this, lol!

“I’m Kristen.”

Who do you serve?

Which specific people are you looking to cater to in your business? Who do you want to knock down your doors and buy stuff? Which people do you want calling you to demand more of your services, ’cause they can’t get enough?

“I serve entrepreneurs who are looking to go their own way in business, breaking free from the constraints of doing business as usual.”

What methods do you use to serve those people?

Which practical, tangible tools or products come out of your business? Your answer could be shoes or wallets or beer or socks or images. If it’s tangible, it counts.

“I create books, retreats, and digital programs.”

How do you help people?

If you take photos, you could say you help people preserve their memories for future generations. Or capture the present moment for all of time. Or record the truth of their lives at this moment. Or create touchstones to access memory when the details have faded or become blurred.

“I help people navigate the entrepreneurial wilderness.”

Why are people better for having worked with you?

Those people whose photos you’ve taken are better for having worked with you because they now have tangible evidence of their love. Proof of an enthusiastic welcome into the world. A timeless reminder of their wedding day. Images to show their grandchildren. (The list goes on and on — but again, the more tangible, the better.)

“After working with me, people feel more enthusiastic, more free, and less stressed about their businesses, as well as more deeply tied to their life’s calling.”

Once you’ve got each question answered, you’re ready to string them all together.

Lemme give you an example: “I’m Kristen, and I serve entrepreneurs like you. I help people navigate the entrepreneurial wilderness through books, retreats, and digital programs designed to help break free from the constraints of ‘business as usual.’ After working with me, you’ll feel more enthusiastic, more free, and less stressed about your business, as well as more deeply tied to your life’s calling.”

Aaaand that’s my reason for being alive right now.

What’s yours?

Please give this little exercise a try in the comments. It’s radically clarifying — and also pretty freaking fun.

I’m Kristen Kalp, the founder of Brand Camp. I write, I teach, and I create awesome stuff to help entrepreneurs make up their own rules for doing business. For a free copy of my latest book, Go Your Own Way, head on over here.

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