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9 Quick In Person Sales Tips from Really Smart Photographers

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I don’t consider myself an expert on In Person Sales…so I asked real experts on In Person Sales a few In Person Sales quick tips.  Here is what they shared!

Matt Roberts offered these tips:
1) Don’t include high/full res digital files in the base package.
2) Sell within the emotional window shortly after the reveal.
3) You’re not ‘selling’, you’re ‘advising’. You are simply walking them down the path of which options are available and asking questions to understand what recommendations of products you have would fit them best.
4) Package your a-la-carte wall art/album add-on items.
5) Offer a discount for that night only (during the sales session).
6) Don’t create buyer’s paralysis. KISS packages, KISS photo selection process, etc
7) Bring them in on the album creation process ie/ Design more album spreads than ordered, include them in the weeding out spreads process
Marit Welker offered this tip:
8) Be confident. Even if you are shaking in your boots, they don’t know that. If you say things like many of my clients like to… then it makes you sound established and experienced.
Trevor James Millions suggested:
9) The biggest tip for inspiring confidence in my approach to sales and valuing my work was watching Zig Ziglar videos on Youtube.
Leave your In Person Sales ideas in the comments below!

BrandsmashTV Episode 3: Increase your photo sales by $2,000 and beyond with Spencer Boerup

LIVE Thu, Jan 23, 9:00 PM – 9:30 PM EST

Photography sales can be hard if you’ve never received some of these tips. Spencer Boerup of MagMod and Salesographer will teach us some of the tricks of the trade. Spencer has taught people how to make up to $2,000 more in sales per client on average! Learn how to really price for profit. Plan for success and bigger sales.

Oh and we’ll talk a little bit about his famous MagMod speedlight modifiers.

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Guest bio:


Spencer Boerup  is a father, husband, photographer, and serial entrepreneur that operates a highly successful wedding and senior portrait studio in Tucson, Arizona. Over the years Spencer has created multiple different products to help photographers be better at their craft, including Presetopia (some of the first commercially available Lightroom Presets), Photographer Workflow (an instructional DVD on creating a lightning fast workflow, created with Tony Hoffer), and was also a guest instructor at the now famous Genesis Workshop. In June 2013 Spencer debuted Salesographer, a systematic approach to increasing your portrait sales averages to $2,000 and beyond, receiving rave reviews from photographers worldwide. In November 2013, Spencer created industry-wide buzz when he launched MagMod, a patent-pending mind-blowing flash modification system (speedlight modifiers) on Kickstarter, which raised over $100,000 in 3 days.


Mike AllebachMike Allebach: Marketing Director turned Wedding Photographer. Founded Brandsmash as a marketing resource for small business owners with his mantra “Your story changes everything.” Hailed by a Rock n Roll Bride as “the Original Tattooed Bride Photographer” Mike Allebach crafted one of the most distinct niches in photography. Ariel author of Offbeat Bride said “It’s obvious that Mike Allebach so totally gets offbeat brides.”

In 2014 he started BrandsmashTV and Brandsmash Workshops to teach small business owners social media, storytelling, branding & marketing.

CaitlinCaitlin McKay: Caitlin McKay joins BrandSmasherTV with nearly 10 years of broadcast experience ranging from spinning tunes on the radio, to covering disasters on live television, to producing weekly talk shows. Caitlin is an award winning journalist with a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Hofstra University.

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