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Find the secret to differentiating your creative business | Angela Pointon

By Angela PointonParadise Beach

You’ve got it the worst.

You’re stuck swimming in a sea with other creative entrepreneurs that appear to be just like you. You dart off in a direction to try to find open waters, but low and behold, when you get there, before your eyes are more fish… still swimming around clamoring for the same clients and the same revenue.

Are there any open seas left?

All markets may appear crowded when you’re stuck in the sea. After all, many of those seas are safe and feel comfortable to entrepreneurs afraid to take risks. They’re the “been there, done that” oceans. They offer a false reality that many creative entrepreneurs get tripped up on.

Does safety equal success? Continue reading »

Should you use Google+ for your Small Business? BrandsmashTV Episode 2


Lynette teaching at Blogworld / The New Media Revolution last week in Las Vegas.

Should you use Google+ for your Small Business?

Probably!  Read more…

Join Lynette Young, Author of Google+ for Small Business & Brandsmash for an awesome topic.  How to use Google+ Small Business ( here is the link to see the show ) Continue reading »