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The 30 Most Influential Wedding & Portrait Photographers by Mike Allebach

30 Most Influential Photographers

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Check out the people who are most influential as portrait and wedding photography teachers or behind the scenes. I created this list because there are many people who aren’t flashy and are doing a lot of work behind the scenes to make our photography industry better.  Most of them have never been on Creative Live.  Their work and passion for teaching others is truly amazing. Visit their websites. Take time to look at their work.  Support what they do.

I am personally thankful for all these photographer do and how they share their wealth of knowledge.

Did I miss your favorite person?   Tell me in the comments below who I missed and what influential thing they did to move your photo business forward!

———————-Update 2.1.14 —————–

So many people are wondering why their favorite photographer didn’t make the cut.  These are the people who are inspiring ME now or who have moved me in my career most recently.  They are also people I see inspiring you lately!

Like I wonder where I’d be without David Hobby’s strobist.com.  Or who the industry would be without Zack Arias & Jason Groupp.  I encourage you to write your list in the comments below.

Mike AllebachMike Allebach:  Founded Brandsmash as a marketing resource for small business owners with his mantra “Your story changes everything.” Communications & Marketing Director turned Business owner he hosts BrandsmashTV.  Hailed by a Rock n Roll Bride as “the Original Tattooed Bride Photographer” Mike Allebach crafted one of the most distinct niches in photography.  Mike’s Brandsmash Stories & Wedding Photos have been featured in over 100 blogs, newspapers & magazines.

In 2014 he started BrandsmashTV and Brandsmash Workshops to teach small business owners social media, storytelling, branding & marketing. See him teach in person at Brandsmash’s Marketing Workshop Philadelphia on January 26, at Inspire Photo Retreats in Massachusetts, February 12 or at the WPPI Expo in Las Vegas on March 6.

Sign up for Brandsmash Business Tips and a chance at a WPPI Conference Pass!

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Small Success, Big Fulfillment | Anne Almasy


Coach Taylor said it best: “Success is not a goal. It’s a by-product.”

He was, of course, paraphrasing Eleanor Roosevelt’s wise words on happiness, but for a small business owner, success and happiness may be one and the same. Personally, I’d call it “fulfillment.”

For me, success is a feeling. I may look at someone else’s nice home, big income, or killer wardrobe and think, “Wow, they’re successful.” But I know that my life could mirror theirs, fancy-for-fancy, and I’d still be scrambling to catch up because I wouldn’t feel fulfilled.

2013 brought me several beautiful moments of success — perhaps not successes by anyone else’s standards, but successes nonetheless, because I knew I was doing exactly what I was meant to be doing. In honor of the new year, these are my top five most fulfilling moments of 2013, the experiences that made me feel truly, irrevocably successful in life, love, and work.

5. I didn’t get a tattoo. Silly, I know.  I entered my 30′s CERTAIN I was finally ready to get my tattoo. But as the past couple of years inched by, I’ve struggled with finding the right artist, choosing exactly where my tattoo would go, and finalizing precisely what it would say or be. One day, in my car, I heard a beautiful NPR piece discussing our tendency to underestimate how much we change as we grow older. According to the study, any given age we tend to believe we’ve finally become who we will be (more or less) for the rest of our lives. But the truth is, we change constantly throughout our lives. Ask a person how different they are from the person they were ten years ago, and regardless of their current age, they will invariable say, “I’m a completely different person now!” Finally accepting that I’m still changing allowed me to just drop the whole tattoo thing — for now. In the meantime, I’ll be pinning them on Pinterest.

4. I fell in love with photographing families. When I finished photo school, the first thing I did was burn the family portrait I’d been required to include in my portfolio — that’s how utterly atrocious it was. (Honestly, I wish I still had it just so I could show you. You would probably vomit.) But this year, as the Christmas cards started rolling in with photos of the beautiful families I’ve photographed throughout the year, I realized: I LOVE to photograph families, and I’m finally, at last, pretty okay at it.  I’m so thankful to the hundreds of families who have allowed me to learn from them over the years.  I never knew I could love wrangling toddlers and exhausted parents — but I do!

3. I outsourced 80% of my editing. This was my 2013 New Year’s resolution, and I’m proud to say I stuck to it. I brought my co-tographer Erin Schopf in to edit for me, and her hard work every week has kept me on track, improved my finished product, and given me more time to do what I love: make pictures!

2. I stayed married. In 2014 I will celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary with my husband. If you’re married, you know that every year you are married is a year that you fought for. Some years are blissfully smooth and easy, and some years are so damn hard you really do wonder how you’ll ever make it. Thankfully, 2013 was one of the smooth years for Dan and me, but we’ve had other years that were incredibly challenging. I am immensely thankful for his unwavering commitment to us as a team, and his constant, active love for me. I’m sure we could survive without one another, but I honestly wouldn’t want to.

1. I followed my gut. I’ve never been scared of confrontation, per se, but I don’t seek it out either. So I’m not sure what I thought would happen when I decided it was a good idea to post, live on the internet, a letter I’d written about something I believed so strongly, it simply couldn’t go unsaid. The chaos that followed felt unravelling at times, but I know so much more now than I did before about myself, my industry, and the world around me. Most importantly, I am convinced ever more deeply in my soul that we are all in this together.  In the aftermath, I spoke with two people whose business prowess, creative agility, and social understanding I have tremendous respect for.  I asked if they had just one piece of advice they would mind sharing with my frazzled, overwhelmed, caught-offguard self.  After a thoughtful moment, they responded in sync, “Follow your gut.”  As life takes me down new paths and I find myself in unfamiliar places again and again, that simple wisdom remains the most valuable.

As I hit restart and begin fresh with a brand new year ahead of me, I reject success as a goal, and instead strive for greater compassion, renewed creativity, and strengthened friendships. This may not result in more money or more things, but I do not doubt the resulting fulfillment. And that?  Right there?  That’s success.  2014 is going to be a year rich with success; it is already a year big on fulfillment.

Happy New Year!

Post Originally Featured here: http://annealmasy.com/success-fulfillment-2013/

Anne AlmasyAnne Almasy

Anne Almasy is a lifelong photographer, accent-free southerner, avid reader of inexcellent literature, and music lover (all kinds). She prefers whiskey over wine, cats over dogs, and flat shoes over heels — because you never know when you might need to run for your life.

A graduate of Hallmark Institute of Photography, Anne is a Wedding Photojournalist Association multiple-award winner, and her wedding images have been featured in various renown print publications including The Knot, Southern Weddings, Rock ’n’ Roll Bride, and Brides, as well as blogs Offbeat Bride and Style Me Pretty.

With a thriving portrait and wedding photography business in Atlanta, Georgia, Anne was launched onto the national scene in 2013 when she blogged her open letter to a wedding publication, protesting their refusal to run her ad featuring a same-sex couple. Her subsequent essay, “Resolution,” a call for couples to focus on what really matters on their wedding day, remains viral, with close to a million views.

Anne is a contributing blogger for Huffington Post, with a growing body of work promoting progressive family values and positive body image.

She lives in Atlanta with her husband and one struggling bonsai.

Join Anne at her Brandsmash Marketing Workshop on January 26.  More info here.

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