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Black Hat Social Media: Break Facebook Terms of Service to Advertise Your Photography Business for Free

FacebookThe latest updates to Facebook pages involved cutting reach to below 1% for most pages.

An anonymous online source said:

“The new reality on Facebook is that 99 out of 100 Fans will never see your (unpromoted) Posts. And it may actually be worse: Facebook says that users are exposed to about 1,500 potential pieces of content per 20-minute session. So the quality of the exposure to your brand Post is potentially quite low. This may be shocking, but shouldn’t be. The situation for brand Pages has been dire for quite a long time.”

What does Facebook want you to do? They want you to pay for advertising of course!  While this can be a good venture for many photography businesses,  it’s hard to be a bootstrap entrepreneur and spent thousands of dollars in Facebook advertising.

One of the only alternatives is going Black Hat and breaking Facebook’s Terms of Service. Facebook states in Terms of Service 4.4 “You will not use your personal timeline primarily for your own commercial gain, and will use a Facebook Page for such purposes.”

Screenshot 2015-01-30 13.10.19

screenshot of Facebook Terms of Service

buuuuuuuttttt…..Personal accounts have a much higher reach than business accounts.  While you can’t set up your personal account to have “photography” in the name.  You can share photos you take and direct people to your website to book clients with your personal account. Your reach with personal posts on your wall are much higher than 1%.

When you share business related posts make sure you mark them as “Public” not “friends” only, so that people can share your posts.   Yes, this technique is black hat, yes you are risking losing your account this way (don’t come crying to me if you loose your account).  For many it’s the only way to get your photography in front of other people’s eyes without paying.

Let us know what you think in the comments

Do you think this is bad advice? How are you coping with Facebook cutting reach to 1%? What hacks or black hat techniques are you using to get more reach?  Are you ditching Facebook for a new social media?

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Why You’ll Never Succeed at Facebook Business Page Names


Sometimes bad ideas go viral. Today a rumor started saying if you changed your business name on Facebook to include your city, you’d get found easier by potential clients.  If you are like me you’ve seen a million notifications of name changes like this:





Why naming your photography business something else is a bad idea.

1. It breaks Facebook’s terms of service.  This may actually work for a bit!  But sooner or later your page may get banned or the Facebook search with not show your page at all.


Page names must accurately reflect the Page. Keep in mind that only authorized representatives can manage a Page for a brand, place, organization or public figure.

Page names can’t include:

  • Terms or phrases that may be abusive or violate someone’s rights.
  • Improper capitalization. Page names must use grammatically correct capitalization and may not include all capital letters, except for acronyms.
  • Symbols (ex: ® ) or unnecessary punctuation.
  • Long descriptions, such as a slogan. People who manage Pages can add this information to a Page’s About section.
  • Any variation of the word “Facebook.” Learn more at Brand Resources.
  • Misleading words. If a Page isn’t the official Page of a brand, place, organization or public figure, the Page name can’t mislead others into thinking it’s an official Page or that it’s managed by an authorized representative.

Page names can’t consist only of:

  • Generic words (ex: Pizza). Pages must be managed by official representatives of the topics they’re about.
  • Generic geographic locations (ex: New York). Learn more about locations.

2. It looks silly.  This looks like keyword stuffing from 1998, when the same word was repeated over and over again. You look silly.

3. It’s like a tattoo, you can’t remove it.  You only get one Facebook page name change and then it’s permanent. Choose wisely. As someone who worked for a business that changed their name legally, I know the difficulty of fixing this. It can take months with legal paperwork.

How to name your Facebook Business Page in 3 Easy Steps. 

1. Look at the last check you’ve received for your business.  Who is it made out to?  This entity might be a good start for your Facebook Page name.  Otherwise go with the name you use in your logo.  This means if people won’t make a check out to The Best Photographer in Washington, D.C. Ever and you won’t put that on a logo…don’t use it as your Facebook name.

2. Do you have an LLC on the end of your name? If your state (check with your lawyer) allows it consider dropping it for the official Facebook Name and just list your name with the LLC in your FB About section.

How to add an about section to your Facebook Page

Depending on your Page’s category, you can add different types of basic info. For example, if your Page’s category is Local Businesses, you can add your address, phone number and more info about your business.

To add info to your Page:

  1. Click About below your Page’s cover photo
  2. Click Page Info in the left column
  3. Click the sections you want to edit and add your info
  4. Click Save Changes

This info will appear in your Page’s About section and on the left side of your Page’s Timeline.

Learn how to change your Page’s category.

3. Move the Location from your Business Page Name to the Address portion of your Facebook Page.

How to add an address according to Facebook

To add an address to your Page, your Page’s category must be Companies & Organizations or Local Businesses. To add an address:

  1. Click About below your Page’s cover photo
  2. Click Page Info in the left column
  3. Click to edit the Address section
  4. Add your address and click Save Changes

Learn how to change your Page’s category.

I hope this tutorial was helpful in choosing your Facebook Page Name!

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