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Instagram announced: Shadow Banned? No, your posts just suck.

Instagram Shadow BanAfter much silence from the Instagram, they shared the secret sauce of their ranking algorithm.  The info herein was made last week in some evil wine making lair in California.  I won’t bore you with the details but there were graphs, icons and powerpoints. At this point, I’m not even going to pretend like I was there, so I just watched a video about it on Youtube. Don’t worry this is fact checked and there is a super helpful infographic for you to share! Perfect for Creative Agency signaling. You are smart for sharing.

Their secret sauce is pretty much what you would expect but deconstructed provides a great framework for social media management. We’ll get into that in a moment. But first some myth busting to use to embarrass your emo friends while sharing soylent and listening to 2006 Taking Back Sunday.

Nobody Likes You and Other Common Instagram Myths 

  • Instagram doesn’t hide your shit or other people’s shit.  Just keep scrolling and scrolling.  Good news!  At some point when you go over your data limit, you’ll find what you are looking for and get off your parent’s phone plan.
  • Instagram won’t spank you or downgrade you for posting too much. Your friend will just hate you and block you.
  • Videos don’t perform better than photos, or they might.  It’s customized for the user and their goddamn selfish needs.
  • Instagram doesn’t favor you if you have magical fingers or use stories or ads or spells.  But hell, I want that magic rainbow around my profile.
  • TRIGGER WARNING: Instagram loves business accounts and personal accounts equally. (Then at some point they won’t and they won’t tell you and only 1% of users will see your posts ever. Thankfully Facebook never did that.)  But you are good for now.  Cheers to risking it all for the swipe up and stats.
  • Shadowbanning is not a real thing.  You either need help or Instagram is lying.

Here is some new shit that’s either out or out any minute.

Bully Protection Let’s say you got into a twitter war and it moved to over to Instagram and the POTUS is calling your mom a sloppy *** sandwich. You can set Insta to pull out of that Paris Accord with an automatic filter for offensive comments.

Muting.  Definition: When you follow my photography account, most likely at some point you’ll mute me for something

This is Muting

This is Muting

uncouth I do.

Okay here is Instagram’s ranking featured wrapped up into one sentence and you can quote me on this

“If you want to rank well, you’ll need to post the best content, regular and engage with your followers.” – Mike Allebach, AllebachPhotography.com

Okay, now what you have been waiting for: the Infographic for you to steal! It took me an hour to create this on canva, so rep me with a link to my photography website http://allebachphotography.com  or send me your first mix tape and AIM away message from high school.

Instagram's Ranking Factors 2018

Instagram’s Algorithm Infographic

This is the end of the article.  I just kind of ran out of things to say.  You just came here for the infographic anyway. Hope this helps your journey!


Mike AllebachMike Allebach

Founded Brandsmash as a personal branding website with his mantra “Your story changes everything.” Hailed by a Rock n Roll Bride as “the Original Tattooed Bride Photographer” Mike Allebach crafted one of the most distinct niches in photography.  He currently works as a viral personal branding expert at Allebach Photography

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